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HomeSchooling Tutoring Centre in Bloemfontein with a personalised learning approach focused on your child.

We structured our homeschooling tutoring centre to allow students to learn according to their ability and personal need with personalised learning and small classrooms.

What We Do

Explore a Fresh Approach to Homeschooling at Our Tutoring Centre.

Welcome to Future Key Academy, a homeschooling tutoring centre in Bloemfontein. Our method of homeschooling set us apart. Instead of taking on the role of homeschooling your child directly, we offer a tutoring service that does it for you. We adhere to the CAPS curriculum by Impaq, in line with the requirements of the Department of Education of South Africa.

While we function as a tutoring centre, our approach closely mirrors that of traditional schools. Our academic year is divided into four terms. Throughout these terms, students will have daily attendance at our homeschooling tutoring centre. They will rotate between classes, where our tutors provide instruction, assessments, and conduct exams. These evaluations occur periodically within each term.

Once the assessments and exams are completed,our tutors meticulously grade the tasks and exams, Subsequently, the marks are sent to Impaq. This administrative partner processes the score and take charge of generating the report cards for each term. Amid Impaq’s administrative responsibilities, our core focus remains on education. We maintain small class sizes, ensuring that every student receives the individualised attention they require to excel academically. Additionally, our structured educational environment allows students to engage with their peers, fostering a well-rounded and school-like learning experience.

Small Class Rooms
Personalised Learning
Fantastic Tutors
Afterschool Care
Supportive Community

Our Story

From Tutor To Founder, The Start of future key academy.

Lucha & Lean Barkhuizen rocking a vintage look during Future Key Academy's fun dressing week.

For five fulfilling years, I immersed myself in the world of education at a well-known tutoring centre. During that period, the centre catered to students from grade RR to 9. However as time passed, the available space seemed to shrink, and the potential growth was becoming limited. Amidst these challenges, I saw opportunity waiting to be seized. The chance presented itself for me to embark on a new venture, one where I could shape an educational haven that would cater to a wider age range, encompassing grades 4 to 12. Driven by a deep-seated desire to make a positive impact on children’s lives, I made the decision to take a leap of faith.

And so, in the vibrant year of 2023, the inception of Future Key Academy took place. This wasn’t merely the creation of another institution; it marked the birth of a space where learning would thrive, where possibilities would be limitless. I transformed my aspirations into tangible reality by investing in a property in Bloemfontein, which would serve as the conerstone of our Homeschooling Tutoring Centre. From the ground up, the property underwent a revival, a redesigning that mirrored our vision of an educational sanctuary. Future Key Academy emerged as a beacon of innovative learning, a place where students would be nurtured and their potentials realised.

Today, we stand proudly with 45 eager learners who have embarked on this journey of exploration and growth alongside us. Yet, our ambitions know no bounds. By 2024, we are poised to welcome 70 students into our fold, each embodying our unwavering commitment to excellence. As the chapter of our narrative continue to unfold, we extend an invitation for you to be a part of this incredible odyssey. Future key Academy is more than an educational institution; it’s a platform for transformation, where dreams take root and flourish.

With anticipation and determination,

Lucha Barkhuizen: Founder, Future Key Academy


The principles that makes future key academy a family.


Our mission is to allow each student to learn according to their ability and to create a centre that is attentive to the emotional needs of every student. Our mission is to provide a safe and creative tutor center climate by building positive relationships, resulting in high academic and social achievement for ALL students.


At Future Key Academy, we believe it takes a village to prepare our students for success through their educational careers and their personal lives. Key Academy’s teachers, staff, and parents work together to create an inclusive tutor-centre culture where all students can feel safe, learn, and be social.


We believe that each child, parent and teacher should have good, strong values. It creates a positive learning environment that contributes to the development of each learner. By teaching children of values they learn certain skills that they can carry with them together through their lives as well as pass them on to others. Values Future Key Academy Homeschooling tutoring centre focus on:

Disciplinary Beliefs

We strongly believe in strong discipline at Future Key Academy and that it goes hand-in-hand with good values. Good discipline is the root of success. Discipline brings stability and structure into each child’s life which assists with academic progress by teaching a learner to be responsible and contribute to the learning environment. We believe it is necessary to incorporate good discipline and not tolerate bullying to create a positive and safe learning environment.


The words of a happy parent

“The school is first class with highly competent educators and a genuine belief that ever student is an individual and requires individual care and commitment.
My daughter is up and ready at 6h30 each day to get there so that says everything.”

~ Future Key Academy Parent


A homeschooling educational centre in Bloemfontein with excellent tutors.

Future Key Academy has a passionate and dedicated team of tutors ready to unlock your child’s full potential and give them the education they deserve. We believe that each child at Future Key Academy is unique. Therefore we keep the classes small, and our tutors tailor their teaching approach to ensure that each child receives sufficient one-on-one attention to meet their needs.








Our Centre

The Future Key Academy tutoring Centre in Bloemfontein:

7 Classrooms
Grades 4 - 11
45+ Students
Big Backyard


Additional information about future key academy.

Future Key Academy takes the safety of our learners very seriously. We always have supervision, including break or outside time, in the morning, at drop off time, and during pick up time. Our gates are locked after drop-off time to ensure the safety of our learners.

Similar to mainstream schools, Future Key Academy follows government school holidays and public holidays.

At Future Key Academy, we have a special approach to study time. We kindly ask that students refrain from using smartphones and other electronic devices during their study sessions. This is because we want to create a focused and distraction-free environment that supports effective learning. Please remember that Future Key Academy cannot take responsibility for any lost or stolen phones or electronic devices. It’s important to keep your belongings safe.

If we ever come across any issues related to discipline or electronic devices, don’t worry. Our aim is to make sure everyone can concentrate and learn well. In situations where there’s a concern about a student’s phone or device, we may need to hold onto it for the day. However, we’re not all about restrictions! We understand that sometimes electronic devices can be useful for your studies. If you ever need to use an electronic device for academic purposes, just let your class tutor know. They’ll make sure it’s all good and that you’re using it under their friendly supervision.

We also have internet access available, which can be super handy for projects, assessments, and research. Just remember, it’s all about using the internet for learning and with the guidance of a tutor.

So let’s keep our focus sharp, our devices safe, and make the most of our time at Future Key Academy!

Future Key Academy does not have a meal program. Each parent is responsible for their child/children’s lunchbox. We recommend that the students pack a healthy balanced lunchbox each day with a water bottle to ensure they keep hydrated throughout the day.

At Future Key Academy, we celebrate each child’s birthday in their specific class during break/ outdoor time. Parents are welcome to send birthday cake or packets on their child’s birthday, but it is not compulsory.


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