Guide to Private Schools in Bloemfontein.

Private Schools in Bloemfontein.

Are you looking for private schools in Bloemfontein? Here we have put together a guide to private schools in Bloemfontein. We cover everything from what they are, their pros and cons, as well as a list of private schools in Bloemfontein.


What are Private Schools in Bloemfontein?

Yes! You are here because you are looking for private schools in Bloemfontein. But first, let’s define what exactly is a private school. Private schools are independent educational institutions that are privately governed and do not rely on government funding. Private schools in South Africa are known for their high standards, high-end facilities, and usually fewer students than public schools with higher tuition fees. Private schools are run similarly to a business by a private organisation, a religious institution, or a non-profit entity. Private schools are also not required to do everything public schools must do, such as state testing and exams or accepting any student who applies. However, they still ensure that their students receive the highest standard of education.

Pros & Cons

Here is the benefits and Drawback of Private Schools in Bloemfontein.

Benefits of Private Schools in Bloemfontein.

Private schools have fewer students and smaller class sizes than public schools, allowing the teachers to give more individualised attention and time to each student’s academic needs.

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Most private schools have a broader range of extracurricular activities than public schools, including sports, clubs, and cultural enrichment programs, providing students with more opportunities to develop outside the classroom.

The smaller class sizes and the more intimate school environment can lead to stronger relationships between teachers and students. It will create a more supportive learning environment that benefits their performance.

Since private schools cater to higher-income families and charge higher tuition fees than public schools, they have more funds to invest in their safety and facilities.

Drawbacks of Private Schools in Bloemfontein.

Private schools have significantly higher tuition fees than public schools, making them only accessible to higher-income families.

Many private schools have strict admission criteria for students who want to enroll, including interviews, tests, or other requirements that can impact who gets accepted and who does not.

Many private schools tend to have very high standards within a competitive environment, which can put significant pressure and stress on students to perform.


Private Schools in Bloemfontein.

Curro Bloemfontein High School.

Curro Bloemfontein, has a high school in Groenvlei, Bloemfontein. They provide a Curro education to students from grade 8 to 12. At Curro Bloemfontein, students have a wide range of subjects to choose from including Sesotho, robotics, and coding. They also limit their class sizes to 25 students per class to ensure  personalised attention to each student.

Castle Bridge Private School

Castle Bridge School is an independent school located in Bloemfontein. They are a combined English medium school accommodating grade R right through grade 12 students. The school has their learners best interests at heart and provides all the facilities that you can expect from a quality school.

Curro Bloemfontein Primary School

Curro Bloemfontein also has a primary school in Groenvlei, Bloemfontein. They provide education to students from grade 4 – 7. The class sizes are limited to 16 – 25 students per class, to ensure personalised attention. With small classes, their teaching approach is focused on project-based learning and self-discovery. They also have a variety of extracurricular activities, including art classes and soccer.

Anchor Independent Academy

Anchor Independent Academy is an exclusive private school in Bloemfontein for grade R – 6 students. They have small classes with only 15 children per teacher. As a result of this strategy they are able to achieve smooth and focused growth by building their student’s character and integrity to a high standard at an early stage.

Kyrios Independent School

Kyrios Independent School is on a farm in Groenvlei Bloemfontein. They provide quality education with CAPS to students from grades R – 12. Their core focus is small classes, with a teacher-student ratio of 1  to 20. With small groups, they can provide attention to each child to ensure they reach their true potential academically, socially, and spiritually.

Divine Elite School

Divine Elite School is a private school based in Bloemfontein with the vision of a Christ-centred school where Godly values are honored. They accommodate children from ages 3 to 6 in their pre-primary classes and children from grades 1 to 3 in their junior primary classes. Apart from the mainstream subject, their program includes Bible study, music, gardening, baking, life skills, and PT.

Olive Ridge School

Anchor Independent Academy is an exclusive private school in Bloemfontein for grade R – 6 students. They have small classes with only 15 children per teacher. As a result of this strategy they are able to achieve smooth and focused growth by building their student’s character and integrity to a high standard at an early stage.

Eduplus Independent School

EduPlus Independent Primary School in Langenhoven Park Bloemfontein aims to provide a  stimulating quality education to students from grades RR – 7 with an emphasis on the child’s emotional development and well-being. With instructions offered in both English and Afrikaans, they recognize each student’s strengths and talents while providing individualised instructions to meet their unique learning needs.

iGrow Nursery School

iGrow Nursery is an independent preschool in Dan Pienaar Bloemfontein that allows children to be and learn through play and meaningful experiences. They accommodate a total of 60 learners between the ages of two years and five years old. Their core focus lies in developing each child physically, emotionally, and socially in a holistic way so they are ready for what is to come. Therefore, they introduce them to the CAPS curriculum in a fun and playful way.


Future Key Academy compared Private Schools In Bloemfontein.

Like all the private schools in Bloemfontein, Future Key Academy provides a private high quality education using the CAPS curriculum to our students from grade 4 – 12.

Future Key Academy in Bloemfontein Offers:

Future Key Academy has small class sizes and  our tutors can give more one-on-one indvidualised attention to each students learning needs.

At Future Key Academy, students get educated in a well-structured school-like environment, with timetables, rotating classes, and an excellent curriculum. We South Africa’s standard CAPS curriculum that will allow our students to receive their national senior certificate once they complete grade 12 and also apply for ternary studies.

Future Key Academy has a team of expert tutors who can address each student’s  individual learning needs and academic challenges. As result, it will help the tutors to provide solutions to help students overcome obstacles.

In contrast to larger private schools, public schools, and DIY homeschooling, the tutors at Future Key Academy focuses on each student and keeps them responsible for their learning while reinforcing the importance of commitment and discipline.

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