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Impaq homeschooling tutoring Services in Bloemfontein.

We give your child a Impaq homeschooling experience away from home where we focus on personalised learning, small classrooms, and achieving academic success.

Our Solution

Impaq homeschooling tutoring that works for your child's future

Future Key Academy is a registered Impaq tutoring centre offering Impaq homeschooling tutoring services to grade 4 – 11 Impaq students in Bloemfontein. Impaq is one of the official homeschooling providers in South Africa and uses the CAPS curriculum, as mandated by the Department of Education. While Impaq homeschooling might be the best solution for your child, it is usually the parent’s responsibility to tutor and guide them through the homeschooling curriculum. But in today’s fast-pacing world, it is nearly impossible for parents to homeschool their children themselves. Most parents neither got the time nor subject knowledge to do it themselves.

Therefore Future Key Academy has the solution. Instead of doing the Impaq homeschooling with your child yourself, we will educate them at our private homeschooling tutoring centre for you. At Future Key Academy, your child will receive an education through Impaq homeschooling that is equivalent to those in mainstream schools and allow them to receive their National Senior Certificate once they complete grade 12. Even though we are a tutoring centre, our approach is similar to regular schools. Our students will come to our tutoring centre daily and rotate between classes, where our passionate tutors will educate them and do Impaq’s assessments and exams throughout the term. Our tutors will then mark the tasks and exams and submit the marks to Impaq, who will process each student’s score and handle the report card for each term.

Our Approach

Small classroom, Individual attention, and personalised learning is the key to unlock your child's potential.

Educating your child, you need to choose between mainstream public schools, private schools, or homeschooling and homeschooling tutoring services. While all these options will lead to a quality and sufficient education, it comes down to your preferences and your child’s individual learning needs. In most public and private schools, your child will become a number in a large school and will often not receive the required attention they need to excel academically, and their privacy in these larger schools is limited. To give your child a quality education in a very private and secure environment, you must look at DIY homeschooling or homeschooling tutoring at a small homeschooling educational centre. With DIY homeschooling, students usually stay at home and have limited support and interaction with other students.

We believe it is more beneficial for a student, academically and socially, when they can learn in groups, together with other students, where a tutor with subject knowledge can guide them. Therefore our approach at Future Key Academy is to give students and parents the best of both worlds. We educate students in small group classes, where we can provide more attention to each student, recognize learning barriers easier, and make work of that by addressing the issue while allowing students to interact with other students their age outside of a traditional school environment.


The words of a happy parent

“The school is first class with highly competent educators and a genuine belief that ever student is an individual and requires individual care and commitment.
My daughter is up and ready at 6h30 each day to get there so that says everything.”

~ Future Key Academy Parent

Our Curriculum

We offer Impaq homeschooling tutoring using CAPS

We use the CAPS curriculum, provided by Impaq Homeschooling, to provide your child with a sufficient education as mandated by the Department Of Education of South Africa. At Future Key Academy, we work with grades 4 to 11 students and have professional tutors for each subject. Our subjects include English home language, English First Additional Language, Afrikaans Home Language, Afrikaans First Additional Language, Math, Math Literacy, Technology, Natural Science & Technology, Social Science, Life Orientation, EMS Economics, Business Management, Economics, Biology, and Physics.

Largest Curriculum

Impaq is the largest home education curriculum provider in South Africa.

24000+ Students

More than 24000 students made use of Impaq homeschooling in South Africa.


At the end of Grade 12, Impaq students receive a National Senior Certificate(NSC).


Impaq provides CAPS-aligned products and services available in English and Afrikaans, to successfully facilitate learning for Grade R – 12.


DIY Impaq homeschooling vs Impaq homeschooling tutoring

You have two options when you decide that Impaq homeschooling is the best option for your child’s education and learning needs.

DIY Impaq Homeschooling

With DIY Impaq homeschooling, it is the parent’s responsibility to guide and tutor their child through the Impaq homeschooling curriculum and ensure they complete their assignments. This approach will require plenty of time and effort from the parent, which will be challenging for hard-working and busy parents.

Future Key Academy Impaq Homeschooling

At Future Key Academy we offer Impaq homeschooling tutoring as a service. Meaning, we will homeschool our students on behalf of the parents at Future Key Academy tutoring centre using Impaq homeschooling curriculum in a small classroom based school-like setting.


How does Future Key Academy's Homeschooling tutoring work?

Step #1

Admission & Registration

To enroll your child at Future Key Academy, you need to contact us so we can give you a link where you first need to register your child with Impaq Homeschooling. Then we will provide a link to our online application form you should fill in and submit. After you apply, we will also provide you with Future Key Academy’s guidebook, which we require you to read.

Step #2

Classes & Tutoring

Once we accept the student at Future Key Academy, we will provide them with Impaq’s CAPS-aligned study material. Then our tutors will use the study material to educate and prepare them for assessments and exams. We will teach them daily in a classroom-structured manner with timetables assigned to each subject where students rotate between different classes.

Step #3

Assessments & Exams

During each academic school term, the students will do assessments and write exams provided by Impaq. Once the students complete the given tasks and exams, we will mark the assessments and submit the marks to Impaq, who will handle the students’ report cards.


How does future Key academy homeschooling pricing work?

Here you can see Future Key Academy’s fees for grade 4 – 11. This is Future Key Academy’s fees for our homeschooling tutoring services. Impaq’s fees for the books, assessments and reports is not included in the pricing below. Also note that new students will need to pay an R600 admission admin fee when they apply at Future Key Academy. If you have any questions, you can contact us. We will be happy to assist.

Grade 4-7

R2200 per month
R26400 per year

*Please Note: This is Future Key Academey’s tutoring fees and not Impaq’s fees included. To Learn more about Impaq’s fees you can visit their registration page here

Grade 8-9

R2400 per month
R28800 per year

*Please Note: This is Future Key Academey’s tutoring fees and not Impaq’s fees included. To Learn more about Impaq’s fees you can visit their registration page here

Grade 10-11

R2600 per month
R31200 per year

*Please Note: This is Future Key Academey’s tutoring fees and not Impaq’s fees included. To Learn more about Impaq’s fees you can visit their registration page here

Afternoon Care

R950 per month
R11400 per year


How to enroll your child at Future Key Academy

1. Send Enquiry

When you are ready to enroll your child at Future Key Academy, you can send an inquiry, call or Whatsapp us. We will then explain how everything works and whether it is the best option for your child.

2. Register at Impaq

After the initial conversation and if it is the best option for your child, we will provide you with a link to Imaq’s registration page and a guide on what options to select to align your child’s subject selections with our tutoring. On Impaq’s registration form, select a payment option for Impaq’s learning resources. It can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Keep in mind Impaq’s fees and Future Key Academy are separate fees.

3. Apply at Future Key Academy

Once the student is registered and has an account with Impaq, we will send you a link to Future Key Academy’s online Application Form, where you should upload and submit information to us.

4. Pay Admission Admin Fee

Once the Impaq registration and Future Key Academy application forms are completed and submitted, we will require you to pay a admission admin fee of R600.

5. Receive books and study material

Congratulations! The hard work is complete. Your child is enrolled at Future Key Academy and ready to receive a quality education. We will give them the study material and handbooks on their first day.

6. Monthly tuition fees going forward

In the future, we will require you as the parent to pay Future Key Academy’s monthly tuition fee and agreed-upon fees policy in the application form. And the Impaq fees depend on the payment option you selected.


Our Subjects


Unlock your child's Potential with expert homeschooling tutoring in Bloemfontein!

Elevate your child’s education with dedicated homeschooling tutors who tailor learning to their unique needs. Experience personalised learning at its best.


Most asked question about future key academy homeschooling in Bloemfontein.

Yes. We use Impaq homeschooling to educate our students. Impaq uses the CAPS curriculum. The CAPS curriculum is mandated by the Department of Education of South Africa and used by most mainstream public and private schools in South Africa to ensure quality education.

If you want your child to receive an education in a private and small group-based setting where they can interact with other students, or if you know that small classrooms and individualized attention will lead to the best outcome for your child academically.

Because we tutor students in Bloemfontein who do Impaq homeschooling, your child should first register on Impaq before they can register at Future Key Academy. To Apply at Future Key Academy, you need to contact us. Then we will give you a website link to register your child on Impaq, and then we will send you an online Application form where you can enroll your child at Future Key Academy.

Yes. We offer afternoon care at Future Key Academy from 1 pm, when the school day finishes, until 5 pm. During these hours, we have a tutor present all the time, and we let students do their homework and assist them with any subject or topic that requires extra attention.

There are an Impaq tuition fee and a Future Key Academy tuition fee. You can see Future Key Academy’s monthly tutoring and afternoon care tuition above. And learn about Impaq’s pricing on their website. To explain: the Impaq tuition fee is for the student’s access to Impaq homeschooling’s resources and receiving a fully-fledged homeschooling education. And with homeschooling, it is usually the parent’s responsibility to tutor their child, but most parents don’t have the time or domain knowledge to do it themselves. Therefore we offer homeschooling tutoring as a service with Impaq. Instead of staying at home for homeschooling, students will come to our education centre, and our tutors will tutor them through Impaq homeschooling daily, just like any other school.

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